Tagging Update/Puppy Blogging

For the next few weeks, I anticipate a lot of time spent stuck under a sleepy puppy. Which seems likely to lead to being on Tumblr more.

In addition to the Magnus Fursides tag, I’m going to start tagging Magnus posts that also contain my commentary on raising a puppy as “puppy parenting.” The ones here will mainly be attached to photos, but if you want to hear more about Magnus, I’m also learning to Tweet about it. My Twitter is @harmlesscrochet.

Eventually I’ll get back to normal and the feed won’t be 80% this puppy. But right now he’s my new baby and take a ton of my time and attention. Submissions are super helpful in keeping the queue going as well as giving some variety to the blog. I’ll be queing what’s left in the inbox today during nap time!

Thanks for reading! I apologize for the sleep deprived rambling.