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Oh boy here they come 

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Local dog lover Maisie Green aged 89 years hand knits blankets and dog coats for Dogs Trust Basildon. 🐶 Over the years she has knitted an estimated 450 items for the dogs at the centre to enjoy. Thank you so much Maisie! 💛


The only lake party I wanna be at.

Pups @mylesandwillows

Troop of adorable police puppies steals the show as officers march with the pups in pouches at Chile’s annual military parade. 
The dogs are being trained in the Canine Unit of the country’s national police force.

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Here they come

How are these dogs better at eating well than me? *As I’m eating pepperoni pizza in my jam jams*

Pups @mylesandwillows

Puppies with their stuffies!

Chubby puppies that look like teddy bears

Just in case if you’re having a bad day, watch this

I think I know how to raise my own puppies if you don’t mind, becky.